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However, please check out theFAQ, thedocumentation, and theproblem reporting guidelinesbefore sending email to a mailing list.

Now that you searched the information sources and came up blank, let us say that there are a lot of friendly folk who will probably try to answer your questions. However, if you are going to ask a question, you should make sure that you ask in a way which allows the folks on the list to answer your questionmost easily. Vague, contentfree, or repetitive queries or observations are not overly likely to get an answer.

This caveat applies to all of the mailing lists at this site.

Do not subscribe if you are not interested in being a package maintainer.

to the all things Cygwin nature of this list

That depends. Have you researched your question already? Cygwin is not a new project. It has been around for many years. That means that almost any question has probably already been asked. Places to check for information would be theCygwin FAQ, theCygwin documentation, theweb, and the mailing list archives click on a mailing list namebelowto search the archive.

New package submissions should go to the cygwinapps mailing list see below.

should go to the cygwinpatches mailing list see below.

All of the messages you send to these mailing lists will be archived. If you include sensitive information in your message it will be viewable by

If you are interested incontributingto the development of Cygwin, this is the place to discuss your plans. If you have an issue and hope that someone will look into it for you then please do not send email here. This is a mailing list for doers not musers.

a moderated announcement list solely for announcements related to the official Cygwin release. Announcements sent to cygwinanounce are automatically sent to the Cygwin mailing list so there is no reason to subscribe to both mailing lists if your only intent is to be uptodate on new package releases.

Yes. There are several. They are listed below.

Please do not feed the spammers byincluding raw email addressesin the body of your message.

and all cygwin components of the winsup directory. Discussion of upcoming net releases is also appropriate. Please do not subscribe or send email to this list if you do not understand what is meant by the winsup directory.

Responses to technical questions in this list are not guaranteed to be serious or definitive, probably the opposite. No pronity, no commercial posts, and minimal flaming, please.

. That includes email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, etc. Site policy is to

see above questions,problems, or observations about the UNIX tools bash, gcc, make, etc. that come with Cygwin, this is the list for you although its very possible that you will receive more qualified help for such tools on their specific nonCygwin mailing lists. There are

to discusspackagingissues regarding applications that are distributed with the Cygwin DLL.

None of the below lists accepthtml mail. Use plain only.

If you haveanyquestions or problems with the mailing lists, see theSourceware mailing list FAQs.

Before you send any mail to one of these lists, you need to read the relevant Cygwin documentation, especially theCygwin FAQ, and themailing list archivesso that you dont ask a question that someone has already asked or report a bug that has already been reported.

In general, you should send questions and bug reports here.

a chatter list for discussing things that are tangentially related to Cygwin. This list is intended to be funny but not terribly helpful.

If you are maintaining or volunteering to maintain one of the packages that is distributed with the Cygwin net releases you should be subscribed to this list. This list is intended for discussing solutions. It is

This is the list fordiscussionof just about all things related to the Cygwin community release. If you have questions about how to use Cygwin, or if you have

You can subscribe to or unsubscribe from any of the above lists by sending a blank no subject, no body email tothemailinglistnamesubscribethemailinglistnameunsubscribecygwin respectively.

edit the archives except, possibly, to remove viruses. This means that your information will be viewable by posterity, so

a readonly list which receives log messages for every Git commit in the winsup directory. If you dont know what this means then you probably shouldnt subscribe. Messages consist of a log message and pointers to diffs of the changes.

If you have difficulties subscribing, unsubscribing or sending mail, please read the generalmailing list FAQfor the host of this site.

and the other components of the winsup directory. Discussions of supplied patches are also acceple, of course. Only subscribers may submit email to this list.

Or, you can use the form below to subscribe to orunsubscribe fromany of the lists.

Questions about other Cygwin releases not downloaded fromthe Cygwin websiteor its mirrors are strongly discouraged. In theory, there should be better forums for discussing this kind of unsponsored software than the Cygwin mailing list.

of musings. Do not subscribe to this mailing list to ask questions about packages. Use the main Cygwin mailing list for that.

Clicking on any of the above mailing list links will take you to the mailing list archives.

a list which receives log messages for every Git and back in the days CVS commit in the cygwinapps repository. If you dont know what this means then you probably shouldnt subscribe. Messages consist of a log message and pointers to diffs of the mailing lists freeCygwin