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Richard Stallmans TEDx talkIntroduction to Free Software and the Liberation of Cyberspaceprovides an easytofollow explanation of free software, and the slides are available for you to give your own presentation.

A directory ofpeople offering their free software servicesfor hire.

Full operating systems that are recommended by the FSFbecause they are exclusively free software.

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Handouts and graphicsthat might be helpful to you when speaking to people about free software.

Get information about hardware support for free software.Knowing which hardware devices support GNU/Linux is important not only for practical reasons you want your hardware to work with the software that you want to use but also for ethical and political reasons.

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People who canspeak about GNU and free softwareat your event.

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Friday Free Software Directory IRC meetup time changed March th starting at p.m. EDT/ UTC

Community reports of successful free software usagefrom all areas of computing.

Richard Stallman Free Software Awards LibrePlanet, Cambridge, MA

OurUser Liberation videooffers a beautifully animated introduction to the cause of computer user freedom.

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LibrePlanet free software conference celebrates th anniversary, this weekend at MIT, March

Get started withfree software webmail systems.

Asearchable directory of over , free software packages.

The LibrePlanet projectis a global network of free software activists and teams working together to help further the ideals of software freedom by advocating and contributing to free software.

Find out aboutfree software replacements for Adobe Reader.

Richard Stallman El software libre y tu libertad Zacatecas, Mexico

Job advertisementsof interest to free software supporters.

Free Software Foundation releases FY Annual Report

Full copies of all the GNU licenses and related resources, including FAQs and howtos.

Friday Free Software Directory IRC meetup time March rd starting at p.m. EDT/ UTC

Many more audio and video recordings about GNU and free software

The FSF is a charity with a worldwide mission to advance software freedom learn about our history and work.

At the FSFs th anniversary party, we interviewed free software users. The resulting video,Whats Your Free Software Story?examines just some of the many reasons why people love to use free software.

The Free Software Foundation hosts many more videos and photos on itsGNU MediaGoblin instance.

Links toa variety of other free software resources.

Join FSF public mailing listsfor discussion and announcement of free software.

Use these resources to find the free software you need, promote the free software you like, and explain to everyone you know why its essential to use and support free software.

Thesebeautiful badgescome in four different s, each with three schemes to pick from. Theyre perfect for sharing on social media or embedding on your Web site or blog.

Proprietary software, nonfree software, is software that doesnt respect users freedom and community.Learn moreabout why you should avoid proprietary software.

Free Software Foundation, Inc.Privacy Policy.

Your guide to LibrePlanet , wherever you are, March