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This file is a comprehensive real property list of more than million homeowners, sourced from county recorder and assessor records and designed to help you target prospects that own real estate.

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Acxioms New Movers List is a selection of more than million consumers who have moved in the past months. The New Movers File, a targeted segment of the InfoBaseX Consumer Daase, is ideal for a long list of new products and services that consumers need to help them adapt to a new location, household, and life. Consumers who have recently moved need to eslish relationships with neighborhood services, home furnishings, telephone and Internet service providers, banks, local entertainment venues and more.

This file is purged and updated on a weekly basis and contains only the newest, freshest, uptothe minute new homeowner data available. New homeowners are very active consumers and start to invest heavily in home products and services as soon as they move in. This up to the minute list allows you to target them early. A subscription option is available to provide you with automatic weekly list updates for your specific search criteria.

The list contains only the most recent data available from the weekly update to the New Movers File, it is produced each Wednesday and released the following Monday with the exception of holidays. This list is ideal for targeting consumers who have just moved in. A subscription option is available to provide you with automatic weekly list updates for your specific search criteria.

Data modelingtakes your current customer file and analyzes it to look for similar characteristics like attitudes, demographics, interests and buying habits. These traits can then be used to find additional lists using this knowledge to help you find your best prospects, develop more precise marketing messages and develop targeted mailing campaigns.

In the world of direct mail a targeted, uptodate mailing list is the minimum requirement. No matter how compelling your message and design is, the response is guaranteed to be disappointing if it is delivered to the wrong audience. ClickMails new Mailing List Center provides the tools you need to pinpoint and purchase a highquality, reliable list in a matter of minutes.

For marketers of homerelated products and services, this daase contains a selection of more than . million consumers who have purchased new homes in the past months and are ready to purchase furniture, appliances and home services. Because the file is updated on a weekly basis, youre sure to get the freshest data available. New homeowners are very active consumers and invest immediately in products and services to help them adapt to their new location, home, and life.

In businesstobusiness marketing, accurate address and telephone information for your direct mail and telemarketing programs is key to maximizing your results and minimizing your costs. ClickMails InfoBaseX Business List provides a comprehensive list of businesses with key firmagraphic information at a very competitive price with the added benefit of world class delivery and customer service.

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The new, redesigned InfoBaseX Consumer List is a comprehensive national list providing over million households and more than million iniduals. The list is completely rebuilt every two months with interim monthly telephone refreshes and suppressions. It starts with over billion names and addresses compiled from a variety of sources including public real estate data, other compiled lists and telephone directories. Links are applied to each record effectively reducing duplicate records.

Data modeling reportscan be ordered directly from our Customer Support team. To get started, clickStart Nowand fill out our assessment questionnaire. We will contact you shortly or if you like call now.

Finally demographic, behavioral, purchase, health, travel and real property data is applied to each record via InfoBaseX Enhancement. The end result is the most accurate, comprehensive prospect data available for marketing today.

The Valassis Resident Occupant List reaches virtually every household in America and is the most accurate saturation consumer mailing list available. It is updated monthly via the U.S. Postal Service and edited through a proprietary mailing listsMailingList