free mailing listsTux Paint

free mailing listsTux PaintTux Paint Rubber Stamps discussionFor posts regarding rubber stamp s and their categorization.

Tux Paint Internationalization in discussionFor posts regarding the translation of Tux Paint and technical code or grammatical translation issues are raised.

tuxpaintnewsTux Paint users mailing listA discussion list for Tux Paint users parents and teachers, for example to discuss Tux Paint, ask questions, and share ideas and classroom activities.

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Tux Paint Maintainers discussionFor posts regarding Tux Paints ports and release builds.

A number of mailing lists exists for interacting with both Tux Paint contributors and other users. For discussion lists, you must first be subscribed to a list before you may post a message to it. Lists are generally in the English language.

Did you know?Tux Paint is not shareware, its open source. So its free, forever!

For people interesting in helping with the development of Tux Paint, whether it be by providing software updates, art submissions, translation work, or simply submitting comments and bug reports, there are four additional mailing lists available

The kids at our school regularly skip over KidPix and head for Tux Paint. KidPix is just a big mess of ncy nonsense, whereas they can actually create pictures in Tux Paint.

Tux Paint Documentation discussionFor posts regarding Tux Paints user documentation.