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You need CGI access for these scripts. If maintaining the scripts is a hassle, or if you do not have CGIBIN access, try ourFree Mailing List Hosting and Email Newsletter Hosting instead. Alternatively, if you have PHP support on your web host, you can also try using a PHP newsletter script from theFree PHP Mailing List Scripts.

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You can find some tutorials and tips on running your own newsletters or mailing lists mincluding the following tutorials

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Subscribe Me Lite handles a single mailing list, supports mailing of HTML as well as newsletters, the ability to ban certain email addresses or domains, etc. It however does not allow you to import an existing mailing list into your system, so its only useful if youre starting a list from scratch.

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Dada Mail is a webbased mailing list management script that supports an unlimited number of mailing lists, archival of list messages, both newsleter announcement and discussion mailing lists, customization via templates, etc. The HTML created by the script generates a link back to the Dada Mail support site.

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This lists Perl CGI scripts that allow you to run your own mailing lists and newsletters. In most cases, the scripts will allow your visitors to subscribe and unsubscribe to the list from your website, at the same time allowing you to send messages easily to everyone who is subscribed to the list.

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You get two scripts, one which you use for visitors to subscribe to your lists, and the other for you to administer the list and send mail to the list. It can send via SMTP or sendmail. NoMoDoMo is capable of handling multiple mailing lists.

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