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GlutenFree Pagefree list low carbohydrate fooTables of contents from Advances in Cereal Science and Technology, a series of books for sale at each.Volume VIgets into the grains in great depth. Includes chapter on the celiac condition.Volume IXincludes immunological detection of gluten in foods, and immunological responses to gluten in humans.Volume Xhas a couple chapters on celiac disease/gluten and schizophrenia. [all now in archive] Includes the opioid concept as discussed byReichelt.

This has adetailed discussion of the genetics of celiac disease. It is from a daase of articles on Mendelian Inheritance in Man from the Johns Hopkins Universitys National Center for Biotechnology Information. They also now havea on DH.

. Click for PDF. More on celiac can be searched for here.

EnteroLabis a clinical laboratory specializing in the analysis of intestinal specimens for food sensitivities, especially for gluten. Uses stool sample instead of serum.

GlutenFree Flour A Guide. Also see theirTriumph Guides.

Coeliac disease in primary care case finding studyin the BMJ finds that celiac disease is r more common than generally thought.

Allan Gardyne in Australia hasBest glutenfree recipes. He also sells some.

The Delphi Forums haveCeliac Disease OnLine Support Group. See past threads and thousands of posted recipes.

UKCoeliacis a mailing list for those people in the United Kingdom interested in coeliac disease.CoeliacUKwas an earlier incarnation of this list and the archives may still be of interest any new posts are spam.

INOVA Diagnostics, Inc. has a onCeliac Disease tests.

Linda BlanchardsWheat Free Zoneis a site with some a forum, recipes, and a glutenfree foods daase. See her Ingredients to Watch For and Why.

GoodDiscussion of Selective IgA Deficiencyfrom The Jeffrey Modell Foundation. Mentions association with celiac disease. [now in archive]

For or more references on celiac, go to BNETsFINDarticles.COMand do a search for free articles on celiac.

In the US ELISA Technologies is sellingEZ Glutenis and ELISA food testing kit. They claim them to be rapid and sensitive.

The NEJM has had articles on the oats controversy. But only the original article is available to nonpaying subscribersA Comparison of Diets with and without Oats in Adults with Celiac Disease.

Functions of Baking Ingredients. A solid K introduction to glutens role in cooking. [now in archive]

Learn to Shop Gluten Freeby Sue Newell is a downloadable book that isnt a shopping list with brands to buy and brands to avoid, but it will teach you to find the products in your grocery store you can eat.

More than four dozenRon Hoggan Articleshave been collected and put on the web. They argue that various other disorders of the body have strong gluten connections. Leading edge analysis of the medical literature. After writing these Ron went on to writeDangerous Grains. You can also buySmarten Up!, a video of Ron presenting on the topic of how gluten grains impede learning in sensitive iniduals, and how they can affect ones behavior. And Rons latest book isThe Iron Edge.

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Foo YS has put upGluten Free Diet Food and Recipes for Beginners. The site is new and somewhat basic. What is different about the site is you can add a comment to any in the site.

Gastrolab in Finland now has only one on celiac endoscopy.Celiac Disease Mucosal Pattern in the Duodenumhas many endoscopy pictures which highlight the slight granulation in the duodenal mucosa that is seen in celiac disease.

Celiac Diseasestarted as an article put up by the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research. Now a multisection article covering all aspects of the disorder.

The Gluten Intolerance Group of North Americais based in Seattle with chapters elsewhere.

Beer StuffsGluten Free Beer Pagehas a recipe developed by Eric Constans. It is based on malted buckwheat.

The New England Journal of Medicine has an an article in the May , issueThe Prevalence of Occult Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Celiac Sprue.

Mailing Lists/Discussion Groups/Chats/Archives

TheAmerican Celiac Disease Alliancerepresents and advocates on behalf of the entire celiac community patients, physicians, researchers, and food manucturers, and other service providers.

Abstract from The LancetClinical, radiological, neurophysiological, and neuropathological characteristics of gluten ataxia.A study by Hadjivassiliou M, et. al.

Joseph Mercolas Optimal Wellness Centers site hasCeliac Disease Fertility and Pregnancy. See link to his other articles near the bottom.

Gluten intolerance is now a recognized cause ofbrain calcifications and epilepsy. Here are a bunch of Medline abstracts on this.

Specialty Laboratoriesis a lab that has been doing celiac testing for a long time. Heres theirlist of celiac tests.

Hans Bjrkns of The Wasa Workgroup on Intestinal Disorders also has several s on celiac disease in Finnish and Swedish. They are off hishome .

Genova Diagnostics has a onIntestinal Permeability Assessmentand onCeliac Gluten Sensitivity.

The U. of Wisconsin Library has a with someCeliac Resources.

Malabsorption and Delinquencywas written by George Von Hilsheimer back in . Besides blaming celiac disease for juvenile delinquency, it covers many of the health problems that come from malabsorption. Shows that there was plenty of knowledge back then, just no publicity.George Von Hilsheimernow has his own web site.

TheCeliac Disease Foundationis based in Los Angeles with chapters elsewhere.

TheCreative Rice BakingWeb site sells a minute video on bread .

Celiac Disease and Down Syndromeis an introduction by Dr. Len Leshin, MD. Part of a Downs Syndrome site.

Lucy Shriver hasThe Gluten Free Kitchen, a comprehensive site with lots of subs, including a mailing list, chat groups, and a Campaign for Better Food Labels. [Website went down sometime March .]

Paul Shattock at the U. of Sunderland in the UK has a onThe Use of Gluten and Casein Free Diets withPeople with Autism. [now in archive]

A bio on what celiac researcherMartin F. Kagnoff, UCSD is up to.

Celiac Disease Diagnosticslists the tests sold by Prometheus in San Diego. Also see theirMyCeliacID, a doityourself salivabased genetic test dedicated to celiac disease.

InGluten in the diet may be the cause of recurring headachesthey found that limiting gluten reduced symptoms of severe headache in seven out of nine patients.

Willie Prejeans Baking and Baking Sciencecontains lots of information on baking ingredients and what they do.

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The University of Tampere Institute of Medical TechnologyService Laboratorydoes serum testing and sells tests. Page has an of a positive endomysium antibody test pattern.

AllRecipeshas a GlutenFree Cookies section in their Special Diets section. Has recipes for breads, cakes, and cookies.

A Video Guide for Making GlutenFree Breadwas shown at the Iowa Fall Informational meeting. It teaches you how to make a variety of glutenfree breads from one basic recipe.

Clinical spectrum of biopsydefined celiac disease in the elderlyis an abstract of a study by H.J. Freeman in

Science Daily has an articleCeliac Disease Not As Uncommon As Once Thought, Say Researchers At Wake Forest.

CSA/USA, Inc., the largest celiac sprue organization in the US, has chapters all over. They have an extensive collection of excellent articles.

Celiac/Coeliac, Dermatitis Herpetiformis DH, Wheat/GlutenFreeis a describing the mailing list and all of its most comprehensive archives. This is the major worldwide list with subscribers.

Center for Celiac Researchwas set up by the U. of Maryland to increase the awareness of celiac disease. In the center moved to Mass General Hospital. Site has information on their serological study to determine its prevalence in the US.

AHealthCentralsearch on celiac turns up many s. They are a little dated, and contains information that can also be found elsewhere. This was once the DrKoop web site.

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The origins of agriculture a biological perspective and a new hypothesisby Greg Wadley and Angus Martin argues that the shift to cultivation and animal domestication was due to the comfort derived from the opioid peptides from gluten. [now in archive]

Genome Search in Celiac Diseaseis a comprehensive and technical from the The American Journal of Human Genetics January , issue.

An editorial in the British Medical JournalGluten sensitivity a many headed hydra. Subtitle is Heightened responsiveness to gluten is not confined to the gut. Written by Hadjivassiliou, Grunewald, and DaviesJones.

Here is a with annotated links to other s onThe Paleolithic Diet. Sometimes called the hunter/gather diet, this preagricultural diet is where our digestive systems have evolved to. It fits in well with the glutenfree diet.

The Cooks Thesaurus has a good describingNonwheat Flours. Not all of them are gluten free.

Lori Alden has put upWheat Flours, which is a long list of substitutions, including many that are GF.

Celiac Diseaseis the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouses overview . Many articles.

Wayne State U. Pharmaceutical Biochemistry has acourse on Carbohydrate Meolism. [now in archive]

American Family Physician magazine has an articleDetecting Celiac Disease in Your Patientsby Harold T. Pruessner, M.D. Also seepatient handouton celiac disease.

Prof. Markku Mki, Institute of Medical Technology, University of Tampere, Department of Paediatrics, Tampere University Hospital in Finlandhas a site. It highlights their project that seeks to widen the definition of celiac disease and theirstatementthat they have proof that there is a condition that they are calling celiac trait that runs in milies of celiac.

JoAnn Betten has collected many recipes that are glutenfree, dairyfree, beanfree, and free of other Neolithic foods. They have been organized like a cookbook at thePaleoFood Site.

Thomas Viehof in Germany has some versions ofRestaurantCards in different languages. [now in archive]

There is now a newsgroup is independent of the mailing list.

A search onMedscapewill return hundreds of abstracts of articles about Celiac Disease. Free registration required. Here is a good search to get you startedMedline Celiac Disease Articles in Past Days.

GFreeoffers glutenfree recipes, every day. Gfree is a menu planning service to help with dinners. Each week you choose five entrees youd like to make for the week. GFree returns a comprehensive grocery list with glutenfree brands.

Glutenfree Cookery The Complete Guide for Glutenfree and Wheatfree Dietsis the most popular glutenfree cookbook in the UK. All recipes meet North American standards. This site contains the full of the cookbook!

The list of regular books has been expanded and now resides on its own GF Books.

Abigail Neuman has a Is it FMS, CFS, or Celiac Disease?. Has the story of her year struggle to find the correct diagnosis. A good read. Alsoa list of glutenfree foods. [Now in ]

Changing Features of Coeliac Diseasewas held July , , in Tampere, Finland. Conference proceedings are now available. [now in archive]Proceedings of the th International Coeliac Congress September, in Tampere, Finlandare also available.

GF Books Book Reviewsnow on its own .

Another informative site onIntestinal Permeability.

Prospective study of body mass index in patients with coeliac diseasewas published in the BMJ. It reports that of newly diagnosed celiac patients, were underweight, were within the normal range, and were overweight. This would appear to challenge the conventional perspective on underweight celiacs.

Scott Adams put min . It was the first important site on celiac disease. And Scott has been relentlessly expanding it ever since. This is where most people start.

coeliacaustraliais a support group and information centre for people with coeliac disease located in Australia.

HealthWorld Online hasLeaky Gut Syndromes Breaking the Vicious Cycleby Leo Galland, M.D., F.A.C.N. Hes the top proponent of increased intestinal permeability.

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Gluten Free Casein Free Diethas become the leading web resourse for parents of autists that are using dietary intervention.

The GlutenFree Kitchen of December Rose!, in both hardcopy and ebook, contains dozens of delicious, milytested Recipes, plus several handy Forms to help you move easily through your glutenfree life. Buy online here.

From the Neolithic Revolution to Gluten Intolerance Benefits and Problems Associated with the Cultivation of Wheat, by Luigi Greco. A history of gluten intolerance and why it is so common.

An abstracton Measurements of the jejunal unstirred layer in normal subjects and patients with celiac disease.

GlutenWikiis a new site as of April that has software like Wikipedia for user contributed information. At this point it is more a site for you to add to than a site for you to get information from.

All ofthe CELIAC mailing list postingshave been archived and are available on the web. Alsothe archives of the CELKIDS listare available.

A Rich Gannon interview on CNN LiveOakland Raiders Quarterback Discusses Super Bowl, Celiac Disease.

Donald D. Kasarda, a wheat protein researcher with the USDA, has a discussion ofGrains in Relation to Celiac Coeliac Disease. Includes a grain taxonomy chart.

Mary Brooke, B.Sc.Nutrition, has a site onGluten Intolerance/GlutenFree Diet. Includes a general overview. She is beginning to focus on the relationship between gluten ingestion and multiple sclerosis. [now in archive]

The Dark Side of Wheat New Perspectives On Celiac Disease Wheat Intoleranceby Sayer Ji covers the dangers of wheat consumption for everybody, not just celiacs.

Coeliac disease specific antigen found. Researchers at Oxford have identified a peptide in wheat that elicits a specific immune response in people with coeliac disease. This discovery of a coeliac disease specific antigen could offer a new route for treatment of the condition.

The Kansas Grain Sorghum Producers Associationhas a site. Sorghum, and also a variant called Jowar, are glutenfree.

Wheatfree Baking Recipesby Catriona Mackey, Marion Bowles, and Jack Campin. Watch out for the recipes which contain oats.

The U. of Utah has a lovelypair of normal/bad biopsy sunder a low power microscope. And heresone under high power microscope.

rbioharmmakes a lab test for gluten. Go to Food and Feed Analysis and click on the green dot for allergens. Then click on Gliadin.

Aquestion and answer on gluten intolerancethat is part of a series on Ask the Dietitian by Joanne Larsen, MS RD.

Citation from The LancetDoes cryptic gluten sensitivity play a part in neurological illness?A study by Hadjivassiliou M, et. al.

The Vegetarian Society UK has aGlutenFree Diet Information Sheet. Includes nutritional advice. They also have a good on various cereal grains. Many of the ones discussed are glutenfree, and so noted. Also a onFood Allergy Intolerance.

Suzanne Dawson has started a Yahoo ClubLiving Wheat and Gluten Free.

Celiachas a Celiac Message Board. It is plenty active and well organized into forums.

The Digestive Systemhas a basic overview of the human digestive system, and ones in r creatures.

Perdue has put Magness et al. online in ahuge daase with hundreds of crops. Detailed writeups on each one. Can find the gluten grains and some of the nongluten ones, and most of what you might want to grow.

Sarah Chopping has put upGlutenFree InfoWeb. Can search lists of brand name food products which might be glutenfree, meaning which foods the manucturers consider to be glutenfree.

Stephen J. Gislason MD has a foodrelated disease siteDigestive Disorders; The Gastrointestinal Center. Starts out with an introduction to the Gastrointestinal Tract. Several s there are relevant to us. Start withCeliac, food caused immunemediated diseaseand see long list along the left.

Cyrex Laboratorieshas four tests . Mucosal Gluten Reactivity Screen, . Intestinal Antigenic Permeability Screen, . Wheat/Gluten Proteome Reactivity Autoimmunity, . GlutenAssociated CrossReactive Foods and Foods Sensitivity. Includes nationwide phlebotomy services, supplies, and return shipping.

Gluten What You Dont Know Might Kill Youby Mark Hyman, MD brings us uptodate on health problems caused by gluten, gluten sensitivity as a disorder in itself, and the latest in testing protocol.

There are chapters throughout the US, with many of them maintaining web sites. And there are support organizations throughout the world. For too many too list on this , so I have them listed on mySupport Groups.

The Case Against Gluten Medical Journal Referencesis a survey of recent literature on gluten sensitivity without full blown celiac disease. The author is arguing for apaleo dietfor all.

The Silly Yak Shirt Companysells various Tshirts proclaiming the wearer to be gluten or wheat free.

Introductory Anatomy Digestive System, by Dr D.R. Johnson in Leeds, UK. Easy to read.

Ok, this isnt a description , but I found Cara CozinesThe Gluten File A collection of articles, abstracts, and websites related to gluten sensitivity to be excellent on what is being published in the medical journals.

Coeliac diseaseis a review based on the proceedings of regular international symposiums and meetings on coeliac disease, books, review articles, and searches of Medline. See links at the bottom to eLetter responses to the article.

GFCFKidsis a mailing list for milies with an autistic member on a gluten and casein free diet.

Kenneth Fine, M.D. now has his own siteFiner Health Nutrition. He does consulting, including on glutenfree living. He was formerly with Baylor University Medical Center. Site has some educational information on celiac disease.

Google does can do a better job than I when it comes to finding s on the web. See the results of an search onDermatitis Herpetiformis.

GF Mall GlutenFree Food Productsnow on its own .

National Foundation for Celiac Awarenessruns what they now call Celiac Central. They are trying to be the most comprehensive and frequently updated networks of celiac and glutenfree news.

Red Star Yeast has a site withBest RecipesClick Gluten Free along left of .

An abstract from The American Journal of Clinical NutritionNutritional status of newly diagnosed celiac disease patients before and after the institution of a celiac disease dietassociation with the grade of mucosal villous atrophy. PDF version also available.

Marilees Teff Pagehas many links to information, injera recipes, and sources for teff. [now in archive]

Shirley Hartung has written three cookbooks No Grain No Pain, Muffins From The Heart, and Cookies Naturally. SeeEdible Options. The site also has tips and celiac stories.

Cycling For Celiacsis a special project initiated by the Edmonton Chapter of the A. The project is designed to raise awareness of celiac disease and to raise funds.

The Association of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Nurses APGNN and North American Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition NASPGN have a K that isA Guide for Children, Teens, and Their Families.

The Gluten Free Diet, Recipes And Foods Websiteis a basic introductory site with information on the glutenfree diet and celiac disease. Also include foods, sample meal and recipes.

TheNew Zealand Therapeutic Daasehas a list of Gluten Free Products. Though the daase includes products with wheat starch. Also there is a wheatfree list.

Special Needs Infois a site for information on gluten and casein free diets for autists. [now in archive]

Lisa Lewis, PhD, has put upUnderstanding and Implementing a Gluten Casein Free Diet. An excellent web on diet and autism. Explains what is happening with intestinal permeability, etc. K

I have been collecting variousRecipes and Food Preparation Tips, mostly for alternative glutenfree grains, e.g. arrowroot, buckwheat, millet, and quinoa. Also other useful GF things.

Celiac Disease in Children.An introduction from the Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital .

Peter Thompson has published an old edition of his bookGlutenfree Cookery The Complete Guide for Glutenfree and Wheatfree Dietson the web. He also runs someweb discussion boards.

Sullys Living Withoutis a relatively new magazine focusing on living without wheat and other foods. Some articles are online.

MyGlutenFactshas, in addition to the usual getting started information, a very complete list of what mainstream products are glutenfree, and how glutenfree the cilities are that made them. All for free, but you do have to register.

Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology in PA has put upGlutenFree Diet, an intro with a nice chart of foods with and without gluten.

There is a list for Canadian only issues. To subscribe send mail nd in the body of the message write SUBSCRIBE celiaccanada. You can find theirarchives and other information here.

GF Product Information in Canadalists food manucturers and the products they have that are glutenfree.

Dr Ben Balzer, general practitioner with a special interest in the paleolithic diet, has writtenCoeliac disease a disease or a case of poisoning?where he explains how we have not evolved to be eaters of grains, beans or potatoes.