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. Click the Mailings on the top navigation bar to open the Mailings options in the ribbon.

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. Click the Label Vendors dropdown box, and then click the vendor of the labels you will use to print the addresses.

Create an address list using the Mail Merge feature in Microsoft Word when you need to print labels for a mass mailing. Mail Merge enables you to input your address list in a spreadsheet format, and then import the list into the correct label template. Word natively supports hundreds of generic and vendorspecific label templates. If you know the vendor and the product number for the labels you will use for printing, you can select the exact template to automatically format your labels for the product. In most cases, you will not need to install template software that accompanies your labels.

. Click Preview Results in the navigation ribbon to see all addresses in the label template.

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. Click inside a cell under one of the headers in the top row, and the data for the column. For example, click the cell under First Name, and then the first name of the first recipient to add to your address list.

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. Click Update Labels in the navigation ribbon to update the labels with your address list.

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Reuse your Recipients list by clicking Select Recipients in the Mailings section, and then clicking Use an Existing List.

. Click the product number of your labels in the Product Number box, and then click OK. You will see the blank label template, but gridlines are hidden.

. Click the format for ing the name in the Insert Recipients Name in This Format field. You will see the address in the Preview window on the right side of the dialog box. Click the arrows above the Preview window to scroll through the list entries.

. Type a name for the new address list in the File Name field, and then click OK to save the address list in the Microsoft Address List file format for future use.

. Click the Mailings , and then click Address Block to open the Insert Address Block dialog box.

. Click the Layout in the top navigation menu, and then click View Gridlines to the label gridlines and show each inidual label.

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. Click Type a New List to open the New Address List dialog box.

. Type the address information for the next label in the second row, and then click New Recipient to add yet another record. Keep adding recipients until all addresses are entered.

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. Click the desired radio button in the Insert Postal Address section to select how to the country or region.

. Check other options as desired and then click the leftmost arrow above the Preview window to return the preview to the first entry. Click OK to add the configured block to the first label.

Information in these steps applies to Microsoft Word . Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other versions of Word.

. Click the next available cell and the required value. Continue typing data in each cell for the first address in your list. When finished with data for the first label, click New Recipient to add a new row to the New Address List form.

. Click OK to open the File Save dialog box.

. Click the radio button next to your printer . Options are Continuous Feed Printers and Page Printers.

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. Click the Start Mail Merge button, and then click the Label option to open the Label Options dialog box.

Create a mass mailing address list in Microsoft Word with Mail Merge.

. Click the Mailings in the top navigation menu, and then click Select Recipients.

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Quickly move between fields with the Tab key when entering data in the New Address List form.