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Theres a mailing list where you can share your experience with Owl and ask questions.Please be sure to specify an informative message subject whenever you post to the list that is, something better than question or problem. To subscribe, enter your email address below or send an empty message toowluserssubscribe at . You will be required to confirm your subscription by replying to the automated confirmation request that will be sent to you. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time and we will not use your email address for any other purpose or share it with a third party. However, if you post to the list, other subscribers and those viewing the archives may see your addresses as specified on your message.The list archive is availablelocallyand viaMARC.

Owl is a registered project withOpen HubandDistroWatch.

Download latest sle versionrelease notes,more mirrors are availableOwl .sle // for x bytes MB .iso.gz

The above s include alive system,installable packages, theinstallerprogram, as well asfull source code and the build environment everything!

Youre encouraged todownload Owlorpurchase a CD, try it out, and provide your feedback to us via the owlusers mailing list see below.

In addition to the owlusers and owldev lists you have the option to direct your comments regarding Owl to us privately viafeedback at vs.openwall. Potential security issues are to be reported tosecurity at vs.openwalland nonsecurity bugs tobugs at vs.openwall.

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Please note that these ISOs require DVD media once uncompressed, theyre slightly beyond the of a CD.

requiresPAE, supportsNX bitwhen presentDownload latest development snapshotrequirements are similar to those of Owl . aboveOwlcurrent // for x bytes MB .iso.gzOwlcurrent // for bit x i bytes MB .iso.gz

boole on Pentium Pro/// and Celeron except forsome olderPentium M and Celeron M found in some laptops; Xeon all kinds; Core, Core , and Core i/i/i/i; Atom; Athlon, Opteron; and many more / all newer x CPUs and virtual machines QEMU, etc.

A separate mailing list exists for Owl development discussions that is, if you want to discuss and contribute to the source code. Its archive is availablelocally.To subscribe, enter your email address below or send an empty message toowldevsubscribe at m.

Owl . release has been prepared on December , .It uses a RHEL .based Linux . / OpenVZ kernel and it has optionalOpenVZ containerbased virtualizationintegrated. Weve since updated to RHEL .based Linux/OpenVZ kernels in Owl .sle.

Openwall GNU/*/Linux or Owl for short is a small securityenhanced Linux distribution for

When you download the ISOs below, please also download iso.mtree and iso.mtree.sign files from the same directory,verify the signatureon the iso.mtree file using the iso.mtree.sign file and the PGP key that you obtain from this website, and verify the SHA digests of the ISOs using the iso.mtree file.

Commercial support for Owl is available, please check out ourservices.

Owllive CDs with remote SSH accessare also good forrecoveringorinstalling systemswhether with Owl or not. Another secondary use is foroperating systemsand/orcomputer security courses, which benefit from the structure of Owl and from our inclusion of the complete build environment.

You can read more about theconceptsbehind Owl including its features and our approach to security, thearchitectureswe support, the guide on using the Owlbuild environment, and theinstallation instructions.

boole on bit capable machines only including virtual ones such as QEMU, etc.Owl .sle // for bit x i bytes MB .iso.gz

Please check out ourpresentation slides on Owl.