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Chicken brothBeef brothVegetable brothBeansTomato sauceTomato pasteTomatoes, stewedTomatoes, crushedTomatoes, wholePumpkin pureeApplesauceCanned fruits and vegetablesSoupCanned meats tuna, salmon, chicken, etc.

Once your pantry is fully stocked, use this free printable to keep up with what you have

Allpurpose flourWheat flourGranulated sugarPowdered sugarBrown sugarBaking powderBaking sodaCream of tartarYeastSalt kosher and tableCorn mealCorn starchCocoaVanilla extractOlive oilCanola oilSpicesHoneyMolassesPowdered milkSweetened condensed milkEvaporated milkChocolate chipsBakers chocolate unsweetened, semisweet and sweetenedNutsFood ing

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Working towards a wellstocked pantry? Here are some items that you might want to include

RiceDried pasta spaghetti, elbow, lasagna, etc.LentilsPopcorn

Use This Printable Chart to Look up the Shelf Life of Pantry Foods

CerealOatmealBeans kidney, black, pinto, etc.RiceRaisinsDried fruit apricots, cranberries, etc.

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From Alcohol to Onions, Here Are Substitute Ingredients for Recipes

BasilThymeOreganoMarjoramRosemarySageParsleySavoryCorianderGarlicGarlic powderOnion powderCloves, groundAllspiceNutmegGinger, groundCinnamonCuminBlack pepperDillBay leavesChili powderDry mustard

KetchupDijon mustardYellow mustardMayonnaiseSalad dressingBarbeque sauceSalsaSoy sauceWorcestershire sauceHot sauceMaple syrupWhite vinegarApple cider vinegarBalsamic vinegarWine vinegarPicklesJamJellyPeanut butterprintable lists freeFree Printable Pantry Master List